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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Risk Taking in Children’s Play

  The term risk taking, especially in a child-care setting, has negative connotations associated with it. But the reality is different...... Engaging is risky activities provides children with the opportunity to learn new skills & try new behaviours.  Children will naturally seek to challenge themselves, and despite adult concerns, engage in risk-taking as they expand their own…
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Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

It is possible to pack your child a healthy and nutritious lunch that they will want to eat? Here are some of our ideas: Try a picnic in their lunch box!  Slice up some tomatoes, ham, cheese, lettuce, grated carrot and a wholemeal wrap for them to build their own lunch! Vegies are usually overlooked…
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What is Active After School Communities?

What is Active After School Communities? Active After School Communities (AASC) is an Australian Government initiative that provides primary school children with free sport & physical activities after school between the hours of 3 & 5. The program aims to engage children in structured sporting activities through a positive and fun experience and to encourage…
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SunSmart – Sun Care Protection

Did you know that LCOOS is a SunSmart centre? SUNSMART is a Cancer Council initiative which looks at instilling healthy sun habits into Australia. Their aim is to “prevent and minimise the adverse effects of UV through effective skin cancer prevention and early detection initiatives, improving awareness of vitamin D and promoting a balanced approach…
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