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Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

It is possible to pack your child a healthy and nutritious lunch that they will want to eat?
Here are some of our ideas:
  • Try a picnic in their lunch box!  Slice up some tomatoes, ham, cheese, lettuce, grated carrot and a wholemeal wrap for them to build their own lunch!
  • Vegies are usually overlooked when packing a lunchbox – why not try some sliced carrots, cucumbers with some dip (remember if the weather is warm, leave the dip out of the lunchbox!)
  • Frozen yoghurt is a great idea during the warmer months as it’s ready to eat by lunch!
  • Home-made sushi is always a lunch-box hit
  • Last night’s left-overs are a great change from the sandwich.
  • Starchy foods such as pasta, wholemeal bread, Lebanese bread & potatoes will fill your child’s tummy up!
  • Lean proteins such as tuna or salmon will give them the much needed energy that kids need when at school
  • WATER!! – try to stick to giving your child water and avoid high-sugar drinks such as juice & soft drinks.
Here are some links:Healthy Lunch Boxes ideas




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