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Risk Taking in Children’s Play


The term risk taking, especially in a child-care setting, has negative connotations associated with it.

risky playBut the reality is different......

Engaging is risky activities provides children with the opportunity to learn new skills & try new behaviours.  Children will naturally seek to challenge themselves, and despite adult concerns, engage in risk-taking as they expand their own world view, develop an understanding of themselves as and individual, develop an understanding of others, and endevour to gain knowledge in a various range of skills (Children's Play Council, 2004; Stephensen, 2003)

Still not convinced?

The video below looks at how a New Zealand school introduced risky play e.g climbing trees, bullrush, skateboarding, mud slides etc back into their school and as a result saw a decrease in bullying, vandalism and serious injuries and saw an increase in concentration!


For the full article please visit here: LINK

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