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Upcoming Educator Training


At LCOOS we pride ourselves on our provision of ongoing training to our educators to ensure quality care to all children at our service.


Please see the upcoming training being provided to our staff in the coming months:


28th February - Risk assessment in OSHC (attendees: Ruby)

1st March - OOSH Conference (attendees: Katie)

3rd March - Evaluations of Child Development in OSHC (attendees: Ruby, Josh F & Pat)

15th March - First Aid Training (Mel, Katie, Alexis, Josh F, Maria, Michele, Nick.W, Pat, Steph.W, Jeremy, Jay, Nick.F)


We encourage all educators at LCOOS to be trained in First Aid, anaphylaxis awareness & asthma management.  Other courses completed by our educators include; behaviour management, autism awareness, quality improvement plans & child protection.


What are your thoughts on LCOOS training regime?  Do you have any thoughts on what sort of training our educators may benefit from?


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  1. Great to see that lcoos is continually training their staff. Makes me feel great about my child attending when I know they are in good hands.
  2. great to see the staff are attending training courses often in a variety of areas

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