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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Weekly Menu Week 9

This week this kids at the senior site inspired our weekly menu.   They had some great ideas.   See our menu here: DOWNLOAD
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Food Program Week 7

You may not know but each week we ask the kids at the centre what they feel like for afternoon teas each week! This is great as it gives the educators more ideas for meal planning, it means the children are more likely to eat the food & it means the children feel like they…
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What does it mean to belong to LCOOS?

To belong is something we all want for our children, for our friends, our family & for ourselves.  'Knowing where and with whom we belong is integral to human existence' -My Time, Our Place, Learning Framweork. It is such an important thing for children to feel a sense of belonging in their school-age care setting.…
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Policy & Procedure Update

Friends & Families, We are currently updating our center's polices & procedures. We are uploading them to the website for family comment & input.  Please read through the changes and let us know if you have any suggestions. These changes have been sent through to the PMC committee and are to be endorsed by the…
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