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What does it mean to belong to LCOOS?

To belong is something we all want for our children, for our friends, our family & for ourselves.  'Knowing where and with whom we belong is integral to human existence' -My Time, Our Place, Learning Framweork.

It is such an important thing for children to feel a sense of belonging in their school-age care setting.


'Belonging acknowledges children's interdependence with others and the basis of relationships in defining identities.' -MTOP

At such a responsive age, belonging to particular environments shapes who children are and who they will become.

How does LCOOS support children to belong?

This term at out junior site, we have been talking with the children about what it means to belong.  We first asked what the word 'belonging' meant....

We had some great answers... "It are those things you own and shouldn't lose", "It means you feel safe".... "It is something you own"

We then wanted to expand on this learning by asking children if there is somewhere they belong to

"Lane Cove"..."Australia"....."Finland"..... "My soccer club"...."my ballet class"

I posed the question to the children

"Put up your hand if you feel like you belong at LCOOS"

Everyone put up their hand

I asked the children to let me know "How do you feel like you belong to LCOOS".  This is what we had recored in our learning journal

belonging learning journal

From this conversation with the children we have created our Belonging Tree.  You will be able to find this near our water cooler at the junior site.

Belonging Tree Belonging Tree 2

We would love some of our families to contribute to our Belonging Tree!

Why not leave us a comment and let us know how you feel like you belong at LCOOS..?

What is next for our identity project on beloning??

Keep an eye on our world map next to the tree.  This will soon show where our children are from.  This will demonstrate where else they belong!

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