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Week 5 Food Program

Download the junior sites food program    HERE

Download the senior site food program    HERE

It is now been 5 weeks of our new 'hungry box'.  We would love some feedback on  this new addition to the centre!  Please leave us a comment below about how you love it, what your child thinks, what you think can be improved.... whatever feedback you have!!

Not sure what our hungy box is???  Keep reading

What is a hungry box?
A hungry box will be a tuppleware container kept on the kitchen bench
containing foods such as carrot, cucumber & celery sticks, olives,
crackers, green beans and other snack food that are readily available
for children to snack on throughout the afternoon.

Why a hungry box?
The educators at both centres have found that some children tend to
get peckish in the afternoons between our two servings of afternoon
teas. We have been collaborating with other centres about their
routine and with our own educators and children in attendance at the
centre. We came to the decision that a hungry box would allow
healthy, nutritious snacking as well as giving the children the
responsibility of helping themselves to food when they are hungry.


What does that mean for families?
We will no longer serve second afternoon tea at 5pm. Children will
receive their first afternoon tea as per normal, but will now find a
hungry box readily avaliable to them. This will also allow for activities
at the centre to run for longer, with no need for a big clean-up at 5pm.

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