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Productivity Commission Draft Report

Earlier this month, the Productivity Commission released it's draft report into Childcare & Early Childhood Learning for further public consultation and input.

What is the Productivity Commission?

The Productivtiy Commission is an independent research body for the Australian Government.  They advise the Government on a range of economic, social & environmental issues to assist in policy making.

What were the Productivtiy Commissions recomendations?

Considering the draft report is over 800 pages long, the following are a select few we believe are important to our families and are particular to Out of School Hours Care (OSHC).  For further reading please visit the Productivity Commisson website.

Some of the recomendations include:

  • That Principles of schools take responsibilty for the organisation of OSHC services for their school
  • The current Childcare Benefit, Childcare Rebate & the Jobs Education & Training Child Care assistance into a single benefit which will be means tested and activity tested
  • A nationally consistent set of staff ratios and qualifications for educators should be developed.  This should take into consideration the emphasis of recreation not education in an OSHC setting
  • Together with ACECQA, reconsider the ratings system to ensure speedier assessments and abolishing the 'excellent rating'
  • Ensuring consistancy in ratings across the board with ACECQA and simplify the NQS by removing or amending some of the elements and standards

View the draft report by downloading the PDF HERE

If you would like to comment on the draft you have two options.

  1. You can submit your comments to the Productivity Commission by Friday 5th September
  2. Or you can attend a public hearing. (please make sure you register your attendance on their website!) The details for the Sydney hearing are

Thursday 14th August & Friday 15th August at the Grace Hotel (77 York Street)

What are your comments on the draft report?  We would love to know!

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