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I feel the most impressive thing about LCOOS is the staff who clearly have the energy, compassion and commitment to get to know each child, praise them for the things they do well and encourage them with the things they could use a hand with.  They are aware of the dynamics in the playground and do a good job of making everyone feel included if they want to be.

Year 2 mum,

I appreciate that awareness of the need for sunscreen is taught to the children.  Recently my son said to me, "Mum, I can do my OWN sunscreen, I learned at after school care"


Year 2 parent,

I am writing this  to say Thank you for you and your team’s great work!


Yesterday afternoon I picked up my son from school. He saw one staff from LCOOS who was picking up the other kids and would like to follow him to LCOOS. I told my son he will go to LCOOS everyday but not Wednesday because we don’t have spot, he was very sad and cried. I promised him that he will be LCOOS early this morning!


This morning he got up 6.45am, put his uniforms on 7.15am, waiting for us at the door. Asked me: can I go to LCOOS today? I say Yes, then I heard a very loud & big ‘Hooray’!


I can see how happy he is in LCOOS. Before last he started school, I was bit worried if he would be all right with this big change. Now all the worries gone, (I just need to reinforce him to look after his own stuff, which is quite normal).


Without you and your team’s great effort, it won’t happen. A big THANK YOU to you and your team, well done!!!

Kindy parent,

Our main feedback as a family is how happy we are with the close relationship that the staff make with the children so that they feel safe, happy and protected.

We also appreciate the support and encouragement given to our children to learn to handle their emotions and reactions to other children and adults in order to learn to build and maintain sensitive and responsive relationships.

Year 1 parent, Current family