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Bonjour Kiddies

We are currently seeking interest in a potential new program at LCOOS!   Bonjour Babies is a fun french learning program for little ones using musical & interactive experiences to introduce a second language. 'Bonjour Babies' Lane Cove has approached LCOOS to see if we would be interested in running a French group at our…
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What does it mean to belong to LCOOS?

To belong is something we all want for our children, for our friends, our family & for ourselves.  'Knowing where and with whom we belong is integral to human existence' -My Time, Our Place, Learning Framweork. It is such an important thing for children to feel a sense of belonging in their school-age care setting.…
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Our Learning Journal

  • Our time at LCOOS
  • What is friendship?
  • The Big Friendly Giant
  • The Big Friendly Giant part 2
  • Do you belive in aliens?
  • Toilets & Handwashing
  • What do you like to do?
  • chinese new yeart
  • critical reflections
  • happy valentines day
  • rainy afternoon part 2
  • rainy afternoon
  • joker of the day 2
  • joker of the day

You may have noticed our large A3 scrapbook (usually near the sign in/out area) at both of our centres.  This is our center's learning journal!  This is a place for the children and educators to document learning & activities.

We have only started using a learning journal towards the end of last year & the children have loved being involved in documenting what they have been up to or what they would like to do at the centre.

The educators use the learning journal to inform our program!  For example, we ask the children to document what food they want the following week - we will then base our food program on these suggestions.  This is the same with the sports chosen for our active after school program.

We also ask families, if they have the chance, to write us comments and suggestion in our learning journal too!

Our aim is to ensure our program is always reflective of children's, families & educator's voices. 


See some of the pages from the junior sites journal below: (senior site COMING SOON!)