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Healthy Back to School Lunches

  Back to school lunch box tips 1. Plan Planning for the week can be a cost effective, time saving & a hastle free way to ensure your child is eating a nutritious lunch each day. 2. Be informed When planning your healthy lunch box, try to include one item from each of the 'Australian…
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National Asthma Month September

Creating Awarenss At LCOOS This time next month it will be National Asthma Week! LCOOS takes Asthma awareness seriously and is proud that over 60% of it's staff are trained in Asthma Management. We hope to increase these numbers throughout the rest of the year. Next month we will be creating awareness not just amoungst…
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Week 5 Food Program

Download the junior sites food program    HERE Download the senior site food program    HERE It is now been 5 weeks of our new 'hungry box'.  We would love some feedback on  this new addition to the centre!  Please leave us a comment below about how you love it, what your child thinks, what…
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Food Program Week 2 Term 2

Find our current food program for the junior site here     DOWNLOAD Find our current food program for the senior site here:   DOWNLOAD How our food program is designed? Each week we collaborate with the children as to what types of foods they would like the eat the following week.  We encourage children to make…
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